Inspired by the most unique aspects of motorcycle gang subculture and style, the TEN “moto” capsule collection envisions the contemporary rider as worldly and aware. A person who never wants to be underdressed or the center of attention.

TEN continues the mostly black and white motif of their last two collections, with the addition of a few ambitious pieces created under the TEN label. The 10 X Denim Jackets are lined with quilted velvet and adorned with a waterproof, detachable hoodie and gold-tip drawstrings. On the back of the jacket, the 10 X design has been hand-painted in metallic tones. The velvet linings in black, merlot and caramel balance the utility of the denim exterior. The trio of 10 X Denim Jackets are one of a kind, one of ones. Perfect for long hauls and bold statements.

0114203_0114203-R1-019-8 copy (1).jpg

The 10 and X graphic elements are used heavily throughout the pieces which represents the TEN motorcycle gang motto, “Ride on TEN, Die on TEN”; as seen on the back of the long sleeve t-shirts.

The velour MOTO Joggers embody chic comfort. Featuring the TEN logo screen printed on the left pant pocket and 10 and X respectively on the back left and right legs, these pants are perfect for riding comfort and making statements.

Nick Elefante