2018 Started off strong for TEN. We released our new scarf collection, OPTIMA, received our first magazine feature through a collaboration with @virlecole, and executed an amazing photo shoot with @thebruceallen & @erinyasmeen in the middle of Chinatown on a  beautiful Saturday afternoon. The momentum is undeniable and the belief in our vision grows everyday. 

The OPTIMA collection features three versions of the same colorful ON TEN typography used in previous TEN designs. The flags of OPTIMA I, diamonds of OPTIMA II and snakeskin of OPTIMA III pop off the white chine like the Escadaria Selarón baking in the Rio sun. OPTIMA means, "the most favorable conditions or level for growth and success." We hope that when you wrap this scarf around yourself, you embrace your ascension to your best self. 

There are even more awesome happenings going down in February and we're looking forward to releasing more unique statement pieces and raising awareness for the causes we care about. Mark your calendars, February 10th we're releasing the CONFETTI button downs!!! #PERFECTYOURIMPACT