ten art

After years of dabbling in clothing design and brand consulting for nonprofits, Founder Nick Elefante wanted to combine his passion for creativity with his spirit for social justice; in March 2017, TEN Clothing was born.  

Through the sale of limited edition, handmade clothing and accessories for men and women, TEN's goal is to raise funds for and promote nonprofits that are making authentic impact in the world. 

TEN's products and designs reflect the aspirational world he sees through patterns, culture, equality, music, dreamers, activists, outliers and love. 

Whether it's finding a pattern within a shadow cast by a building or clashing cultural icons together to form a new idea - we see the beauty and connection between every atom. 


Classic Accessories with Bold Designs.

Freshly Made TEN Pocket Squares

In an industry dominated by streetwear and pop culture, TEN's vision for the future goes beyond outfitting the world's savviest, conscious dressers with handmade clothing and accessories. TEN sees a world where the fashion industry can exist on purposeful ideals, inclusive beauty standards and holistic wage and supply chain practices.  

Currently, TEN sources its cottons, polys, and silks from North Carolina and New York. We cut, sew and finish our pocket squares and scarves by hand in Washington, DC. Switching the paradigm in fashion starts with practicing what you preach, and we live the vision, understanding that before you can change the world, you must first bring change to your community.