The number 10 brings new changes into your life. Through this vibration you have the insight to recognize and understand the needs of humanity, and the ability to bring peace and harmony to all.
— Joanne Walmsley


One day walking out of school where the founder was once a teacher, he noticed an abandoned arts & crafts project the kids had made (see left image above) sitting in huge trash cans ready to be thrown away. Without hesitation, he grabbed his initials, N.T.E., drove home and duct taped them to the wall. 

A few months later cooking dinner, the "N" of his initials fell from its place and landed upright under the "T" and "E'", spelling "TEN."...his lifelong lucky number. Humbled by the moment, he considered it a sign and began researching the power behind the number. 

Fast Forward to 2016. Career switched. MBA earned. Connections made and ambition festering, the manifestation of those experiences led to TEN. 

The Idea

TEN Clothing's mission is to raise funds for and promote nonprofits that are making authentic impact in the world through the sale of small batch, handmade, high-end clothing and accessories for men and women. 

Ten dollars of every item sold goes to the nonprofit TEN Clothing partners with - a commitment to raise awareness and engagement for their cause. 




TEN's designs reflect patterns, culture, equality, music, dreamers, activists, outliers and love. 

Whether it's finding a pattern within a shadow cast by a building or clashing cultural icons together to form a new idea - TEN sees the beauty and connection between every atom. 

TEN Clothing believes in producing slow fashion couture that is locally sourced and 100% handmade in Washington, DC by skilled professionals using high quality fabrics. 

TEN Clothing embodies the culture of conscious cool. Where street chic forms a classic silhouette - so  people can look good, feel good and do good.